Customizing Colors

When using the Operand theme for Concrete5, the user has the ability to customize almost every color on their website or utilize pre-designed color presets in order to modify the look and feel of their Concrete5 site.  This ability to customize the colors, display and fonts across the site gives the user the ability to make their Operand  theme reflect their own brand/identity.

If you are unfamiliar with how to modify theme's colors please read Concrete5's documentation on modifying page design.

How to personalize colors ?

Three colors

Almost all colors used in the Operand website theme are derived from three main colors : Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. If you play with these colors on the left of this page you will see many of the main page elements changing.  The other miscellaneous colors are for use throughout the site, but are derived from the primary three colors of the theme.

Color Presets

The color presets handle all of the color modifications for you in the Operandtheme so that the design of your site always looks attractive while still giving the user the ability to select new colors to match their own needs.  However, if the user is creative or wishes to further customize the colors used in their website.  They can continue to change MANY other designable aspects of their Operand theme.

Customizing Colors and Fonts

With Operand, the administrators of a site using this theme can easily modify the preset color-schemes to suit ANY need they have.  Each area of the site has a preset color and option that can be set within the 'design' panel of a given theme.  We can't wait to see how you use Operand to suit your design needs.