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Review posted by DeviantDeer on at

Nice theme

I like this theme a lot and am using it for my food blog. I have had some issues w/the categories not sorting, but I am going to see if I can contact support for help.
Response by ThomasJ on at
I downloaded this theme for version c5.7.4 and it doesn't work with PHP, 5.3.3,
I got the following error when trying to install it.
syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')'
BlockTypeSet::add('theme_palette','Palette', $pkg);
BlockType::installBlockTypeFromPackage('palette_heading_option', $pkg);
BlockType::installBlockTypeFromPackage('palette_horizontal_rule', $pkg);
PageTheme::add('palette', $pkg);
if ( compat_is_version_8() ) {
$em = \ORM::entityManager();
$small = $em->getRepository('\Concrete\Core\Entity\File\Image\Thumbnail\Type\Type')->findOneBy(['ftTypeHandle' => 'small']);

My fix to allow installation was to comment out all of the 3 if statements causing the error and just leave the code that would run for versions less than c5.8.0.

2.0.0 -

Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

Well done theme. Lot's of options. Way more than you would expect for FREE!

I had a very good experience with this theme, using it on C5 v8.4. The only issue I ran into was that I could not adjust the speed of the slider. So, I used a different add-on for that. Otherwise, it worked very well for me! Be aware, that if you install this with the sample content, you will likely be deleting a lot since there is so much. But, I did so I could see the options I had with this theme.

It's free, so I didn't expect any support, but then I didn't really need any.

Thanks for this theme!

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