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All of my themes and add-ons are version 9 ready!

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Personal Chef

Personal Chef is a clean white theme built with a food based website in mind. The footer has a mild scalloped edge that separates it from the main area. The header can be any solid color you choose. The main area is set to white and cannot be changed in the dashboard due to the artfully scalloped bottom edge. The main navigation is hardcoded into the site with unique styling that must be seen to truly be comprehended. Like anything on the web made in the last 5 years, the more advanced your browser, the better your experience.

Plus, the login button (link) is a collander!

As with all my themes, please check out how the demo site looks in your browser.

Demo sites sometimes include other blocks and addons that may or may not cost money in the marketplace. These are NOT included in the price of the theme and are NOT nessessary for the theme to display as advertised.


Sales have ended due to EOL

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