Version History

## [2.3.0] : 2019-07-26
### Added
#### Pixel Options:
    - Page Title Area: Disable
    - Page Title Area: Disable Breadcrumb
    - Page Title Area: Remove Description
    - Top Bar Area: Theme Color, Custom Color (color customization)
    - Submenu Area (new panel): Enable, Custom Background Color
    - Coming Soon: Disable Header
    - General: Body Background Color, Body Background Image
#### Attributes:
    - Mega Menu: Title: it displays a title at the top of the mega menu content
    - Top Bar: Sticky
    - Navigation: Disable Sitewide: It removes the sitewide 'Header Navigation' area and places a normal (per page) area instead.
    - Body: Background Color, Background Image
#### Templates:
    - Express Entry Details: pixel_team_member_grid, pixel_team_member_list, pixel_testimonial_grid, pixel_testimonial_list
    - Auto-Nav & Nestable Manual Nav: pixel_tree
    - Switch Language: pixel_top_bar_iso
    - Social Links: pixel_top_bar
    - CTA: pixel_top_bar_link, pixel_top_bar_link_color, pixel_top_bar_link_label
    - Gallery: thumb_gallery
    - Auto-Nav & Nestable Manual Nav: pixel_tree
    - Feature: pixel_alert, pixel_alert_bs (bootstrap template). With new 'dismissable' class
    - Page List: pixel_blog_horizontal_thumb_x_small_full, pixel_blog_horizontal_thumb_x_small_half
#### Demo Pages:
    - Feature > Typograpgy & Helpers
- Add 'Pixel Options' button to C5 toolbar
- Add `Live Search' to 'Pixel Options' page
- Add Social Tags features
- Allow adding custom javascript code into the theme via '' file
### Changed
#### Blocks:
    - File: fix a minor issue on
    - CTA: the ability to select a file as Link URL
    - Auto-Nav: fix main nav label position issue on mega menu items
    - Nestable Menu Nav: upgrade to 1.3/1.3.1/1.3.2 (with file selector)
    - Nestable Menu Nav: better mega menu third level appearance
    - Whale Image Slider: fix editing UI crashes when entering special characters which need escaping into the button label field
    - Whale Image Slider: fix height on mobile not honoring entered height in block editing UI
    - Pricing Table: fix responsiveness of block horizontal template
    - Pricing Table: the ability to add multiple prices
    - Whale Image Slider: Add 'BG Color'
- The wrong language used when display messages to the user in some block templates (thanks mlocati)    
- Change location of custom less files (, Now they should be housed in /application/config/pixel_theme/ folder in order to prevent losing them on each update.

## [2.1.0] - 2018-03-05
- Fix main menu Home Icon
- Fix video play issue at mobile devices (Whale Slider)
- Remove smooth scroll plugin
- New Pixel Option 'theme-color'        
- New Pages: Login, Forgot Password, Register

## [2.0.3] - 2018-01-18
- Minor fixes in "Coming Soon" Page
- Minor fixes on the content importer

## [2.0.2] - 2017-12-19
- Minor fixes

## [2.0.1] - 2017-12-05
- New Pixel Option 'Dark Sticky Header'        
- New Page Attribute: 'Dark Sticky Header'        

## [2.0.0] - 2017-12-04
- Add Starting Pages (8 Page)
- Add 'Whale Image Slider' block
- Add 'Team Member' Express Entry Object with related templates
- Navigation Label redesign
- A few changes in areas:
    - Remove `Footer Top` area
    - Add `Page Header` & `Page Footer` to all page types & make them stick to header/footer (without padding)
- New Page Attribute: 'Dark Header'        
- New Page Attribute: 'Full Header'        
- New Pixel Option 'Standard Logo (Dark)'        
- New Pixel Option 'Retina Logo (Dark)'        

## [1.5.0] - 2017-11-09
- Add 'Whale Manual Nav' block
- Mega menu template for 'Whale Manual Nav' block
- New Page Attributes for mega menu: 'Mega Menu Content', 'Mega Menu Columns', 'Mega Menu Background Image'
- New Page Attribute: 'Navigation Link Disabled'
- New Page Attribute: 'Disable Footer Ribbon'
- Image hover effects for 'pixel_image_feature_box' & 'pixel_image_feature_box_bordered' templates

## [1.0.0] - 2017-05-17
- Initial Release