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Hi There,

Firstly, let me say that I'm loving your theme. We've used it here on a couple of sites so far and it's very easy to use and contains virtually everything you could possibly need!

For the site I'm building at the moment, I am using the CTA block for the first time. On your example site page (http://pixel.killerwhalesoft.com/blocks/custom-blocks/cta-image-feature-box), the top two examples have animation/effects happening. Is this something that is available 'out of the box'? I can't see any settings for it. I've set up 3 CTA blocks and they all look good using the Pixel Image Feature Box template but would like to add some movement/effect.

Thanks in advance.



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shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
The classes for the image effects should be appended via `Design & Custom Template` UI. On edit mode click on the CTA block, select `Design & custom Template`, click on cog icon, and in `Custom Class field` add one of the effect classes like 'image-effect-rotate', 'image-effect-zoom-in'.
The list of all effect classes can be found in

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