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Is there a way to add additional "Main" editable areas / sections on a given page? This would allow for more creativity when designing a page (as I can easily configure full width colour / image backgrounds). Thanks

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shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
From 1.4.1+ you can control numbers of Main areas by "main_area_number" attribute.
baysmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, sounds good. Is there a rough ETA for v1.4.1? If it's not too far off then I may hold fire on a couple of projects I'm working on to make use of the advancements.

Thanks again for the swift reply!

> On 22 Sep 2017, at 2:30 pm, concrete5 Community <> wrote:
shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
We just released 1.4.1, you can upgrade now.
baysmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
This works really well. For anyone else reading this, you need to create the page attribute manually (Dashboard -> Pages and Themes -> Attributes).

It may be worth adding this to your instructions page, as it really is quite useful.

Thanks again!
shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanx for the heads up, a new line just added to instruction section.

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