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Before 1.1.0

Review posted by bat21 on at

Replica Pro

I installed Replica Pro theme few days ago and as a newbe to Concrete 5 I am still learning to use the system.

I chose Replica Pro for its neat and clean design and for some built-in features like background fullscreen video and a lot of other blocks. After the first installation I found that some customization features do not work. My support ticket was instantly replied by Xanweb Team and in matters of hours they were able to identify the cause and deliver the updated/amended solution next day. I am really impressed with how professional and fast is the emergency response of the Xanweb team.

In general, I find this theme easy to use, very clean and attractive in design and well build-up with features, templates, etc. I may recommend it as a good choice for small business.

1.1.0 -

Review posted by pedroC5 on at

Great job – Replica PRO

Good steady new theme. Easy to use. I like specially cool Portfolio layouts, simple Accordion block and easy option to define Additional Font.
I'm sure this only get even better with new future updates.

1.5.0 -

Review posted by dfirm on at

Powerful theme and easy to use!

I have been using Replica Pro for about 8 months and it is an excellent theme. Very easy to use and the theming is very thorough. Lots of elements included and a very consistent look across the board when building out your site. Plus the support from Xanweb when an issue arises has been fantastic! Keep up the good work!

1.8.1 -

Review posted by tjbphoto on at

Replica Pro

Very clean, easy set up and user friendly. My favourite bits are the selection of nav/headers and the background video. Lots of block friendly areas and I find the theme very stable. Nice one peeps.

2.0.0 -

Review posted by Christian_Ka on at

Cool theme - actively supported - young ecosystem on v9

From my perspective Replica PRO is one of the best themes for "smaller / innovative websites" on the Concrete CMS v9 eco-system (maybe even the best!).

If you have some IT background, it is straightforward to get started. Providing a demo platform where you can look up specific configurations is great!

The developers had been one of the first who released a fully updated theme working on v9.
They provide active and pragmatic support, which is really helpful and critical as v9 is a very young and strongly rearchitected CMS platform.

Bugs in the theme are typically quickly fixed; eventual related issues in the v9 core are sent to GitHub by the team without "ticket ping-pong".

Guys, keep up the good work!

I want to close with a wish for the future: I hope Replica PRO will be continuously further developed as your user-base grows and the Concrete CMS v9+ platform matures further.
Review posted by hosios on at

Very Good Theme

I bought this theme a few days ago, and I'm still learning how to use it. I had some problems with installing the example, but I managed to make it work after all. I did a reinstall of the system for issues I learned about configuration. I liked that I can use the same theme in a project with different settings like development and production.
Thank you for this great product, which serves as base to start our local school's page, which until now did not exist.
Review posted by btugwell on at

Really Great Suppport

We ran into an issue with the theme fitting our logo requirements. When the issue was brought to the Replica PRO team they offered an immediate solution to the issue within minutes of our putting in a ticket. Hands down the fastest support response I have ever had with a Concrete5 third party developer. Very impressed.

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