Cool theme - actively supported - young ecosystem on v9

From my perspective Replica PRO is one of the best themes for "smaller / innovative websites" on the Concrete CMS v9 eco-system (maybe even the best!).

If you have some IT background, it is straightforward to get started. Providing a demo platform where you can look up specific configurations is great!

The developers had been one of the first who released a fully updated theme working on v9.
They provide active and pragmatic support, which is really helpful and critical as v9 is a very young and strongly rearchitected CMS platform.

Bugs in the theme are typically quickly fixed; eventual related issues in the v9 core are sent to GitHub by the team without "ticket ping-pong".

Guys, keep up the good work!

I want to close with a wish for the future: I hope Replica PRO will be continuously further developed as your user-base grows and the Concrete CMS v9+ platform matures further.

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