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Resposta Framework

Resposta Framework his primarily a framework for concrete5 designers and developers to build on. Its his based in several open source plugins and libraries.

Its responsive and modern, using some cutting edge plugins and well established techniques among css and javascript web development.

It's not intended to compete in any way with other frameworks, it's main goal his effectively to enable developers and designers to create and deliver more modern cross browser web aplications with a great level of control towards old browser compatibility.


Grid system based on 1140grid with support of breakpoints and media queries.

12 columns all the way up to 1640px.


modern alternative to reset css stylesheets.

Modernizr well known javascript library to test for html5 and css3 properties available on the browser.

css3-mediaqueries.js for older browsers.

Arctext plugin to create text arc effect like to logo in demo.

fittext plugin to scale text in a responsive way.

Anystretch  plugin better background images.

Tooltips enabled.

Scroll to top button enabled.


V1.0 Available.


Camera Slider *Pro version only

Flex Slider Jordans block(here)

Hover Effects *Pro version only

Responsive Gallery *Pro version only

Colorbox *Pro version only

Jquery Tabs Block (Beta) *Pro version only

Jquery Accordion (Beta) *Pro version only


Filterable page List (QuickSand Plugin) *Pro version only

Filterable page List (simple Plugin) 

Modal box load template for image core block.

Modal Navigation template for core auto-nav block.

Support for layout tool making columns responsive.

Now available in bitbucket

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