Autonav & simple_logo don´t show accented letters correctly.

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Hi. I am testing your theme rigidlight. I am having trouble with the accents (autonav first level, drop-down menu work correctly with accents), and don´t know how to fix it. Could you help me? Thank You and sorry for my english.

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Vivid replied on at Permalink Reply
You're correct - it's technically an english only theme. :P

Which characters are you looking for though?

Are you knowledgeable enough to navigate through your FTP or file manager?
Oscarcito replied on at Permalink Reply
The spanish alphabet, accented vowels and "ñ". Yes, i can work with ftp and make changes to files if necessary. Thanks. Oscar
suso replied on at Permalink Reply
Did anyone solve this out? i really like this theme and would like to use UTF-8 charset on it :(

nicobe replied on at Permalink Reply
it will be very helpfull for French Too!

deportemallorca replied on at Permalink Reply

I need to insert spanish characters too, like á, or ó.

Did you sort it out??

Acajou replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi everybody, same question, accents are rather useful in French !

To answer to vivid : as far as I'm concerned, I'm able to modify the theme files (CSS ?), through FTP or on localhost (my actual option).

And for French, here are the characters we need (sorry for other languages, my keyboard is french):

à ç é è ù â ê î ô û ë ï ü

but I suppose it would be simpler to select a font that includes all special characters needed.

Thanks a lot for your help. Your theme is gorgeous, let it be perfect !
Acajou replied on at Permalink Reply
The answer is here ! Thanks vivid !

This is a known issue and we've provided a solution at the bottom of the "theme-help" page under "Font Support" on the live demo site:

Tip : after downloading and unzipping, suppress the "2" at the end of the ;js files (whitney2.js --> whitney.js). Then copy these files in the appropriate folder, to replace the old ones (you'll have to confirm it).

If you just copy thes files, without renaming them, it won't work, as the site refers to whitney.js, not whitney2.js.

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