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I am slowly changing over my website to rigid Bold, but have downloaded the free rigid light version in order to run tests on a hidden page before I purchase and crank everything out.

I’m having trouble with the call to action. I’m placing my call to actions in a stack. I want to display the title, an image and the read more button on the bottom of every page. However the titles don’t come out right and the read more button does not appear.
I have not officialy switched everything over from my other site, is this affecting how the new theme is “read” will the “read more” button appear once I officially “launch” the new design?

FYI: I’m running tests by clicking “design” in the edit mode, switching the design of the hidden test page from Mosaic theme ( my current site) and playing around with the rigid theme so that I can get a feel for how I want the new site to look

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MVFinfo replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, so i solved my own problem.
because of the different themes i have download. i have Call to action and Simple Call to Action. One has a picture option and one does not display a "read more" button.

the Rigid themes uses Simple CTA, but you can easily add the other CTA with a picture link. Both look nice with this theme

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