Version History

Please ensure you have a backup of your website files and database before updating your theme.

Using concrete5 v 8.x?

Version 1.2.0

PLEASE NOTE:  We have changed styles relating to the Handwritten Text style. This could affect the appearance of the fonts in your website where you have used this style and added colours and font sizes in the rich text editor.

If the above change affects your website styles, you can make changes in the design panel or add the CSS below:
div.ccm-page .salix-handwritten-font {
    color: inherit;
    font-size: inherit;

Changed colour preset LESS files to include color and font-size for handwritten text to fix problem with design panel in concrete5 v8.5.3 and 8.5.4. Modified miscellaneous.less to add handwritten text LESS changes.

Minor change to page-theme.php

Version 1.1.0


Modified Tags block custom template to make it v 8 friendly. This is the only change from Salix v 1.0.1, everything else is the same. 


Using concrete5 v 5.7.x?


Version 1.0.1

Minor adjustment to miscellaneous.less - adjusted styles to remove border radius from form fields.

Version 1.0.0

*IMPORTANT - Updated bootstrap 3.3.6 to 3.3.7. The Bootstrap update won't affect the theme styles but please read Bootstrap guidance if any concerns:

Changed Salix button block form.php.

Deleted google map from sample content as now needs API key.

Updated html5shiv.js to 3.7.3

Updated masonry.js to 4.1.1

Updated wow.js to 1.1.2

Updated FontAwesome to v 4.7

Version 0.9.9

Changes made that only affect a new installation with sample content.

Sample content changes - some changes in preparation for v8, added missing Archives heading, changed tags block to link to News page instead of Search page

Documentation - changes to instructions under "Add Tags" page 31

Version 0.9.8

Removed deprecated code, added additional image block custom classes

Version 0.9.7

Added additional echo t functions to blog_entry.php and portfolio_item.php for internationalisation.

Version 0.9.6

Bootstrap updated to v3.3.6. The update won't affect the theme styles but please read Bootstrap guidance if any concerns:

Font Awesome updated to v 4.5.0

masonry.js updated to v 4.0.0

imagesloaded.js updated to v4.1.0

minor modification to header.php

accordion block view.php minor adjustment

social icons block view.php minor adjustment

Added page templates (full v2, left sidebar v2, right sidebar v2) suitable for adding a slider instead of a banner image.

Version 0.9.5

modified main.less to avoid problem with LESS compiler not fully compiling styles

Version 0.9.4

updated masonry.js

modified view.php files for Salix Bootstrap Thumbnail and Salix Image Feature - fix for preventing a tag to be shown when no link selected.

modified theme icon to allow differentiation from Salix for version 5.6 icon.