WARNING: concrete5 5.6 and earlier are end-of-life. Sales from the marketplace have now ended. Click here to learn more about this transition.


Silence is a next generation theme for concrete5 : mobile-friendly, highly customizable, really sexy, performing, intuitive,.. With Silence you keep one licence, you got all keys to make your own design & style -Without coding-

 Silence Bundle

Why choose Silence ? 

  • Concrete5.6+ ready
  • Ability to customize the appearance, without code, without end !
  • Navigable page list templates in 1,2,3,4 columns !
  • Sortable page-list templates in 1,2,3,4 columns !
  • Satic page-list in 1,2,3,4 columns !
  • 2 great slider included* (advanced-slider* ($25) + content slider* ($20) ) 
  • Easy tabs included* ($25) !
  • Easy accordion included* + special template ($25) !
  • 4 pages of options (in the dashboard)
  • Manages option's theme by preset. Apply preset to page to rich visual pages 
  • Colorpick so much element of the theme AWESOME
  • More than 13 background pattern for 3 different part of each pages + Colorpick background pattern... Infinite combination!
  • Apply your own background pattern in one click !
  • Colorpick navigation sub-panels !
  • Different buttons color
  • Select fonts colors for different sections
  • Capabilities to transform Concrete5 layouts into dynamics columns for small-screen
  • This theme is localization ready, which means you can translate any part of the template without modifying any of the template files (Thanks to Cali! )
  • *With the bundle

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UPDATE (1.7 - march 2014) with new mobile experience. 

I have changed all things about mobile navigation and header color height since 1.7. perhaps you will meet some displaying error. This will be fixed simply with a visit to the options page. On background page you will see new options to adapt color height on different screen, just play with to find your happiness.



Sales have ended due to EOL

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