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Review posted by plindelauf on at

Great looking, easy to use

Great looking, well balanced and easy to use theme. It enabled me to build a small business site in less than a day. The $30 is well worth the investment. I wish there were more themes like these.
Review posted by seventitof on at

Simple and beautiful

I looked for a simple and beautiful theme, and this one is completed for me.

Thanks for this great job.

Review posted by prema520 on at


Dear Michael!
Thanks very much for putting your time into a theme which has wide appeal and is easy to customize.

Keep them coming -- we'll be watching out

Kind regards
Review posted by bjalexander on at

I've loved working with this theme

Provides a great starting place for a unique kind of site. Terrific!
Response by Vivid on at
Hey - just wanted to say you did an excellent job with this site. You took the theme and really made it your own! Great job!

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