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for theme Start5up (a.k.a. Startup Pro)





  1. First thing after installation & setup is to get out from the main dashboard and get to the main site which is now just a blank page.
    Now click on the green icon on the upper left and then select the area you want to fill with content.

  2. Second thing is to select the content (Block Type) you want to use for that area.
    You're free to choose the Block Type you prefer and to change the order now or later if you wish.
    You're Adding a Block to the area you choose.

  3. This screenshot below, shows the search for Blocks within the Blocks side-bar.

  4. At this point you start to fill the Block with content information.
    Most of the inputs are prefilled, you'll change them to suit your needs.

    Tip1: Each Block Type has different graphics, see how to change Custom Template: click here
    Tip2: Each Block Type can be copied & pasted to other pages, see how to use Clipboard: click here

  5. By clicking on the Add button (lower right) you get this confirmation message on a green background which tells your content has been added successfully.
    You can keep going adding more Block Types now.

  6. Repeat the same procedure of adding Block Types until you're happy with the result.
    Here we're adding Block Type: "What I Do"

  7. We've different window overlay for each block.
    NB: This whole theme has pretty powerful configuration features

  8. Now repeat this whole procedure of adding Block Types untill you're happy with your webpage

  9. At the end, if you have chosen the default configuration, that's how your webpage could look like.


More Documentation here:



  • You now play with the theme, you can add new Block Types and content to your site.
    You can use native Block Types , purchease them on c5 marketplace or get them for free.
    Best thing to do first is to browse the addons developed by me (the author)
    They'll fit perfectly.


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