little problem on 3 column

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Hello, your demo is greta, but in this page, there are few problems with 3 column and more :

Can you see it ?

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nipper15 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, Elstud.

I could check it in Firefox.
I knew the cause.
It was no problem at Chrome, Safari and IE10, so I did not know it.

But I'm busy now, so please wait a moment.

Thank you.
Elstud replied on at Permalink Reply
No problem, of course,
Let me know when you do this correction.
Thank you for this super template.
Elstud replied on at Permalink Reply
Another question Nipper.

The text color in the slider is white.
If I have some dark picture it's ok, but when a picture is white, i need a black text.

I can apply a css in html description like

but, it's not possible for the title.
Do you have a solution to change the color sometimes, or do I have found another slider ?

Thank you
nipper15 replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi, Elstud

Please overwright a style sheet using custom CSS.
Click a Gear icon to Page Settings > Design > Theme Castomize > Custom CSS.
Please add the following cord.
Click Save Changes and This page button.

.front-page .ccm-image-slider-container .ccm-image-slider .ccm-image-slider-text h2,
.front-page .ccm-image-slider-container .ccm-image-slider .ccm-image-slider-text p {
    color: blue !important;

See below.

Elstud replied on at Permalink Reply
It's perfect, Thank you for your help :)

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