Version History Fix error on testimonial block hover template + font too light

3.4.1- Fix a fatal error when a custom template is used in a stack

3.4- Fix compatibility with Concrete5.8+

- Add hidden class from C5 - Fix tabs display on small screen

3.3.4   - Add a basic Print stylesheet

        - Add Mmenu to lateral nav

        - Fix content width with lateral nav

        - Fix some php7 issues

        - Fix the error of loading cookies.js on some servers

3.3.3   - Add a template that display a lightbox for the image block

        - Fix font-size in table

        - Add Pagination support to page-list

        - Fix some error with PHP7

        - Add support for supermint.css

        - Fix the Themefontcolor issue

        - Fix multiple popup issue - Fix Error when two FAQ black live in the same page - Add a option to manage logo area width - Fix utils package name

3.3.1   - Fix update error

        - Update starting point with new page-list template

        - Fix no-gap issues & row counting

3.3     - New page-list template management

        - Add Upgrade class - fix mmenu that don't display hamburger - Add option to manage horizontal space between navigation items - fix JS in Satck page

        - Display bullet in list when composer mode - Add a option for auto-bidding mobile nav

        - Now google fonts use secure http

        - fix js error on stacks (imageLoaded) - Disable JS in dashboard pages

3.2.5   - Fix options that doesn’t save in firefox

        - Fix the getOption error on page list Supermint Hover template

        - Fix css error

3.2.4   - Add imageLoaded to Transit.

        - Move hamburger & search to the right. close #44

        - Add Sidebar Header Area.

        - Add « image-center » custom class for image-block. close #45

        - Fix second level position when the height of the main nav is customized.

        - Add a rescue font list file for google fonts.

        - Add a option to enable/disable search input in mobile version.

3.2.3   - Fix the top-bar-full-with gap when element with margin in inserted

        - Fix the inherit of navigation style in stack panes

        - Fix override links error that appear on certain servers

        - Fix dots colors in IE10+

        - Update - Chmod the base.mcl

        - Fix flat navigation gone

3.2.2   - Add a color options for all icon from feature block

        - Add the capability to override icon color with custom class eg : icon-color-ffff33

        - Improve icon custom class for sizing icon

        - Add color option for Mega-menu on dropdown

        - Add mega-menu named by page parent ID

        - Add helper function for custom classes

        - Fix the un-styled regular/large nav when another style is set on the theme option

3.2.1   - Fix PHP 5.3 error on Session

        - Fix sliding nav autonav template Fatal error

3.2     - Activate the clips on install

        - Fix the First level Border bottom default color of a selected top nav” where nothing happens when we choose a color

        - Now « Site Logo » display blocks from left to right in mobile top-bar

        - Add different Stack to installation.

        - Add search field into mobile nav

        - New documentation & demo pages

        - Add sorting to page list templates

        - Install new attribute : external_link

        - Moving Supermint Helper Controller to page_theme controller

        - Add a get tags function for pages

        - Add a package Element for sortable page links

        - Add javascript to sort by tags & keywords

        - Add style to tags & keyword input

        - Fix error on $this on non-object context

3.1     - Introduction of Mmenu with new custom template

          * Move Mmenu-theme to less

        - Move all JS files in root

        - Navigation improvement.

          * Regular drop-down can be also fixed.

          * Fix The regular nav that can’t be edited (z-index)

          * Change some words in theme options page.

          * Fix the mouseOut on navslide

          * Fix the search form position in nav

        - Add thumbnail type to blocks/image/templates/supermint_hover.

3.0.4   - Update full screen nav

          * Remove the home icon

          * Add a option for font size

          * Add a option for the background color + add contrast for text

        - Hide the concrete5 link into toolbar on white-labelling

        - Add option to disable footer login link

        - Add a option to make regular nav FLAT - Last Fixes from Gumptech found's issues

          * Boxed page are responsive now

          * Fix lateral Navigations issues on mobile - Fix from Gumptech found's issues :

          * Inside caption is outside in small screen

          * Enhancement of .leaders on mobile

        - Fix Mysql error on install on some servers - Fix the z-index of the dropdown/slider nav

        - Fix the magnify glass position

        - Fix for old PHP

        - Add Portfolied Starting Point

3.0.3   - Add options to navigation_style

        - Navigations Enhancements

        - Manage height on window resize for Transit slider

        - Cleaning files - Fix Compatibility with 5.7.3 - Lateral nav became responsive

        - Logo management in responsive nav

        - JS media queries with Enquiere

3.0.2 - Add Lateral navigation

3.0.1 - Fix from PRB

3.0   - Update of Supermint for Concrete5.7+