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Review posted by ABAL on at

Cannot be installed

I have tried 4 times, and always the same error

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_COMPILE_ERROR)
Cannot use Concrete\Core\Foundation\Object as Object because 'Object' is a special class name

Before 3.0.4

Review posted by buurvrouw on at

Super complete theme with excellent support!

Numerous options to match your own design-wishes. Plenty of templates and extra blocks for super-duper functionality. A very complete theme!
And not less important; excellent support from sebastienj.

3.0.4 -

Review posted by designeclectic on at

Supermint 3

Excellent theme, with so many options and add ons that come with it out of the box. Fully recommend it.

3.2.2 -

Review posted by MarcAyres on at

Supermint 3

Top theme, great support and easy to work with. Top stuff
Review posted by MarcAyres on at

Supermint 3

Top theme, great support and easy to work with. Top stuff -

Review posted by C5DK on at

I am amazed - This must be the best C5 theme ever

We bought this theme, only to find out what the dear Sebastien had dreamed up in this new version of Supermint of 5.7. And what a theme! This theme must be the most comprehensive theme yet built for Concrete5. We can only come up with words of praise.

If you need to build a new site, so stop right on this theme! It could be that you never need other themes.

Concrete5 Danmark
Review posted by banditetr on at

The best theme for new C5 - very nice and very well done theme

very nice and good code. nice design and it works perfect. All you need for a multi-design site or a corporate site. I think from my side the best theme in the market.

3.2.5 -

Review posted by MorganBeck on at

Great start, easy to make changes

This is a great theme. Never having used C5 before there were some hurdles I had to learn to really understand how this theme worked, but once I got the concept I could do quite a bit with it. If your brand new like I was/am read the help and questions others asked and it will get you far.
Review posted by hansteller on at

Supermint 3

My feeling is, the theme is complicated for a beginner. Also the documentation could be better for a beginner. So I have to follow very often the method "trail and error".
I don't speak about the possibilities of the theme.

Hans -

Review posted by HHHi on at

Multi-function, however, some problems occurred

But it has a variety of functions,
Complicated and time-consuming to get used.
In my home, because of a problem with the cache of problems and navbar, and discontinue use.
Response by sebastienj on at
I'm really sorry for you disappointment. Supermint, As concrete5 is complete and make some time to enter in. Let me know if i can help you more.
Review posted by DynamicFred on at

Supermint for 5.6 was good. This is better!

I'm a long time user and fan of the Supermint theme for 5.6x and have finally upgraded to 5.7 now that Supermint 3 is out.

I love the new theme. It's great with so much more flexibility. Sebastien was very helpful with my earlier installations and I'm sure he'll be just as responsive now. Although I doubt I'll need his help. :-)

If you want a classy theme with a ton of options, this is the one to get.

Thanks Sebastien.
Review posted by webdesign4 on at

Works not well

i have big problems with this theme - it doesnt work with some new browsers.
My client make big trouble , so i change to another theme, and this works very well.
Review posted by yorkatron on at

Brilliant theme

Great theme, makes everything intuitive and natural. I'm using it on multiple projects now and love every inch of it, you can really tell how much time and love went into it, its certainly the best theme available.

3.3.4 -

Review posted by TooqInc on at


While I love the theme, the mega menu has an issue in 5.8. I requested support to which Sebastien replied quickly. Then he never replied again. It's been six weeks and I'm stuck with a broken theme without a key feature that swayed me to purchase the theme in the first place and a developer that has gone MIA. At the very least, a response to say he has no plans to fix it would be better than nothing.

If you don't care about Mega Menu, then you're probably okay using this theme, but I suspect the developer has abandoned the project and any support issues won't be looked at. I hope I'm wrong and I'll be happy to update this review if the situation changes, but at this point, I don't think I'll be buying any of Sebatien's themes again. -

Review posted by shaolinsteyr1 on at

Theme is all in all very nice, but the support

Very nice theme with a lot of functionalities and nice to customize.
The support on the otherhand is far from perfect. If you have bad luck, you got no answer or just after waiting for weeks. Sometimes you get an question as answere, you reply it, and no answer comes back.
Review posted by contactoicograf on at

Do you want a great site? This is the indicated topic

A great theme, with many options. Very easy to adjust to your needs. Flexible and with a great capacity to adapt it to the "look and feel" of the company that you want -

Review posted by surefyre on at

Breaks site on install

Even the Dashbnoard can't be accessed, you have to reset your site with
site_root/conccrete/bin/concrete c5:reset -f

This is not a theme for installing. This is a theme for laying down & avoiding.

(Apologies, Monty Python for butchering your quote)
Review posted by gavstretchy on at

Unfortunately cannot recommend anyone to use this theme anymore

As the previous poster mentioned, the work of Sebastienj used to be great.

I purchased this theme for a client's site before it was made free.
If that wasn't annoying enough, there is a problem with blog topics filter not working.
I have submitted numerous request to the developer privately so as not to cause embarrassment however, non have been answered.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend that anyone uses this theme as there is no support whatsoever.

Even worse, from the look of how Portland Labs seem to be approaching dealing with their loyal users (i.e. they're not dealing with them at all), I'm not sure I can even recommend Concrete5 as a solution anymore. Such a pity as it really was a fantastic CMS in it's glory days.
Review posted by 3CGroup on at

Don't use this theme!

The work of Sebastian used to be amazing, but now Supermint turned to be a free theme it's a disaster.

After updating an existing site I got stuck with an error. Navigation disappeared and basic CSS changed, like font size and type. I already had problems that in the old version the page would not load completely. Updating turned into disaster because I can't access the dashboard anymore.

My choice was to install a clean copy of the latest version of C5 8.3.2. and the latest version of Supermint. Guess what? The same error, I can't remove the instalment and can't acces to anything in the dashboard.

The error I get is: Call to a member function getStyleValueList() on null

I don't expect any help on this problem looking at the get help section and all the open tickets.

So it is free, but it will give you headaches and lost recourses.
Review posted by Florencia on at



call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'Concrete\Package\ThemeSupermint\Controller' does not have a method 'getPackageItems'

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