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Review posted by deanhawthornthwaite on at

Beautiful Theme

First use of this theme is for a photographers site.
After a small amount of support I had it working just how I wanted.
I can see a lot of time and effort has gone into this theme which shows in the end product.
There are very few really well constructed and designed themes for C5 5.7 so its a pleasure to find this one!
Review posted by Sollo on at

This is one Serious Theme

Playing with Vedana theme turned into digging, discovering more and more. Serious effort invested to make it simple and instant for beginners. Lack of documentation is substituted with demo login to showcase how to use it, which is good for a start. I hope it will become more friendly to non-beginners in the future. Good job.
Response by sebastienj on at
Thank you, I'm working on a solid documentation and starting points like for Supermint3 :
You say "more friendly to non-beginners" did you want to say "more friendly to beginners" ?
Review posted by epboilermaker on at

Looks good!

I'm just getting started with this theme, but I'm certainly having fun with it. Things look eye catching and professional! Thanks for the hard work!
Review posted by buurvrouw on at

One of the few professional and good looking themes in store!

This is a great theme with professional looks for business purposes. Just a tiny issue with thumbnail lists, but i assume it gets fixed in version 1.1
Thanks for this well coded and ready to use theme!

Edit: Thumbnail issue fixed already!!
Review posted by PatrickHenry on at

Great Theme!

Really loving what I see here.
Excellent theme with alot of attention to detail included.
Granted, part of my delight is also coming from the new c5.7 as well.
But with this theme, I've been able to quickly develop in c5.7 and find it a real pleasure to work with.
Great job!
Review posted by delusioninabox on at

Love this theme!

Vedana gives you a lot of flexibility to create a well-designed and professional looking website or portfolio that's perfect for you. The effects you can add to buttons, if you choose to use them, are subtle enough to not be distracting, but still add a very nice, sophisticated touch. Everything is well structured and easy to figure out.

And frankly, it's a beautiful design!
Response by alifischer on at
And how can I change to an other Color Scheme?

1.2.1 -

Review posted by hrcv on at

Lack of documentation

This theme is really nice, but the lack of documentation is a pain in the ass...

Any videos explaining this theme?
Review posted by sergiofdz on at

Perfect Theme

I can say that this theme comes with everything you need to make your website looks amazing. Even though there is no manuals or guide, they provide a demo where you can access to know how the features work.This theme fits perfectly for what I want. I totally recommend it.

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