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cannot find logo image file

Hi, I've installed this theme (and activated it) in order to substitute another theme which I've edited with all my custom stacks and files. I can see all my files and stacks in the new theme, and I would also like to use the header image that I had in th…

Nav bar customization

I was wondering about converting the default navigation bar to a drop-down. I love the style and placement of it, so I would rather not try to change the them around otherwise, but I haven't been able to figure out how to edit, or what to edit, to attempt…

changing picture on header

I would like to change the picture in the Yosemite theme like the showcase examples. I am a novice and cannot find where to do this. Wayne

Update for 5.5.1?

Hi jordanlev, I'm just wondering if you will be updating this theme for 5.5.1. Thanks, drew

Using multiple fonts for Site name?

Total Concrete5 newbie here. I'd like to have the site name consist of multiple fonts (like on the Yosemite demo Screen shot). I'm at a loss where to do this. I've tried to change global block My_Site_Name, but that seems to have to effect. The only…

remove header logo (text with link)

What is the best way to remove the 'header logo' being the text and link that appears on all the pages? Is there a css I can drop in which will apply to the site vs each page ? or?? Yes Im noob. thanks

Changing header image

I've just started using concrete5 and CSS, and I've still got a lot of learning to do. To change the header image in Yosemite, I used Inspect Element on my homepage to copy the theme's header code, then pasted it into Dashboard> Theme> Customize> Add Yo…

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