cannot find logo image file

Hi, I've installed this theme (and activated it) in order to substitute another theme which I've edited with all my custom stacks and files. I can see all my files and stacks in the new theme, and I would also like to use the header image that I had in the old theme, but I cannot find (via ftp) the file image06.gif in the path that you suggested.
Actually I cannot even find the yosemite_theme folder inside the packages folder (there is the folder of the older theme, and I've also searched for the header image inside this folder with no success).
Where can I find it? I'ive searched for it inside all the ftp folders but I cannot find it at all.

Thanks for your support

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Roberto,
The only place I know of that a concrete5 addon can live is inside the "packages" directory. It should be inside the packages directory, in a folder called "theme_yosemite". I honestly have no idea what the problem could be -- as far as I know it wouldn't be working at all if that folder didn't exist inside "packages".

If you want to email me an ftp login, I can try to take a look myself: