changing picture on header

I would like to change the picture in the Yosemite theme like the showcase examples. I am a novice and cannot find where to do this.


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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Wayne,
Sorry for the delayed response. The heading image is unfortunately not easy to change. You need to make a different image that is the same exact size, type, and name as the current one (a 980 x 270 GIF image, called "img06.gif") and place that on your server (in SITEROOT/packages/theme_yosemite/themes/yosemite/images/).

Note that it will always be the same header image for every page on the site.
I know this is not ideal, but this was a free open-source theme that I converted to C5 a long time ago, and unfortunately it's not so modern or easy-to-use anymore.

Best of luck,