Using multiple fonts for Site name?

Total Concrete5 newbie here. I'd like to have the site name consist of multiple fonts (like on the Yosemite demo Screen shot).

I'm at a loss where to do this. I've tried to change global block My_Site_Name, but that seems to have to effect. The only place where changes are being picked up is with the Dashboard where it asks for Site Name. The problem there is that I can't use 2 different fonts when entering my name.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Unfortunately it's not possible to do that. I converted this theme from a free template that someone else made, and just used the screenshot for that other template here -- but in the conversion to Concrete5 I removed the "tagline" because when I made this I didn't know of an easy way to have both a site name and a tagline setting (like there is in Wordpress). Sorry :(