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Review posted by 321edatacom on at

Rock on & Thank you

Thank you for the theme, its been apart of my site for a long time now, its easy to work with and looks great,
Review posted by michaelwoodlock on at

Beautiful Theme

I can say I have tried a lot of diffident themes, this by far is the best ever for me:)

You are a very talented individual with commitment to the community

Thanks for Yosemite Jordan!

Michael Woodlock
Review posted by Tromholt on at

Useability for concrete5 v/5.5.1

I like the Yosemite theme, but I'm sorry to read that it doesn't work with version 5.5.1.
Is it possible to fix that problem ? ! ?
Response by jordanlev on at
I haven't updated the addon for 5.5 compatibility yet. I'm not sure when I'll have time to either -- hopefully in a week or two. Sorry for any problems this causes you.
Review posted by gour on at

thank you

> This is one of the best free themes that I have come across yet


Thank you very much for it...Much better than some $s themes...
Review posted by TooqInc on at


This theme was easy to use and looks great. The simplicity makes it easy to create an attractive site with a minimalist look.

The only complaint would be that the picture has to be swapped on the backend (C-panel for us) and that it pulls the site name from the install and not the scrapbook.

Either way, great theme and one of the best free ones I've seen so far.
Response by jordanlev on at
Thank you for the feedback! I have gotten a lot of requests for that feature over the past year, and I am going to try to add it in when I have time (not sure when that will be, though -- hopefully within a few weeks).
Review posted by LYTI on at

Yosemite Is Great

This is one of the best free themes that I have come across yet

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