6GL Google Map LITE + Snazzy Maps


  • Find address by typing into the text box or pick a location from the map Extended fields (Address Line 2, Phone and Email)
  • Snazzy Maps styles integration. Just pick one of the styles in Snazzy Maps, copy and paste the code it into the block
  • Clickable marker with information window


The 6GL Google Map LITE + Snazzy Maps is simple and straightforward, just follow the steps below:

  • Drag and place the block in the area. 
  • Type the address in the input box and pick your location from the list. If your location doesn't show up in the list, go to "Pick Location" tab and click anywhere on the map to get your location. 
  • Go to Snazzy Maps and choose or create your own custom style. https://snazzymaps.com/ 
  • Copy & Paste the style code into the block editor and click Save 


For a complete step by step instructions, please refer to our docs at: http://6glcorp.com/concrete5-add-ons/6gl-google-map-lite-snazzy-maps