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Automatic Email Obfuscator

Use this add-on if you want to:

  • Make life harder for bots crawling for email addresses on your site
    • Be safe from spambots, no more spam
  • Automatically obfuscate all the email addresses on your site, for all block types(and static addresses e.g. in your theme)
    • No need to specify custom templates for current blocks
    • No need to add custom-type blocks
    • Just install the add-on and all addresses are automatically obfuscated
  • Provide a human understandable email address also for non-js browsers
  • Easily change the obfuscation method to your preferred method

This add-on automates the e-mail obfuscation process on your site. The add-on will automatically parse the whole page that would be sent to the client and obfuscates all the e-mail addresses on that page. This applies automatically to each and every page on your site, although the admin area (dashboard) is excluded from the process. You don't need to do anything else than just install the add-on, it will do everything for you.

This add-on works WITH AND WITHOUT JavaScript. However, the mailto-links will not work correctly without JavaScript but the addresses are in human understandable form also without JavaScript.

The following obfuscation methods are currently available:

  • HTML character references (default)
  • RTL form of the emails
  • Vigenère cipher encryption by mnakalay

For more information on using other obfuscation methods visit the Documentation-page. Please be sure to submit yours if you write a new one!

Easily write your own obfuscation method

If you're interested of how this add-on works under the hood, please see the Documentation-page. This add-on also lets you easily write your own obfuscator classes if you're not pleased with the default obfuscation methods provided by the package.


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