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Hi, I am about to start a new website for a client with different styles digitals menus. He will have a single block which will fill up a whole page. The block will be a form with many fields types including images, using "Block Designer Pro". Once is done. my CSS and custom templates will generate the look for the digital menu. We will include table fields and repeatable items too.

Can you please confirm if it will be possible with Block Designer Pro?

Thank you!

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

The way I see it:

You have 3 menu types there. They are colored like yellow/red/green. So each of these 3 are build using the same block, where you have an option to give a color to the menu. Apart from that, perhaps a "Title" block too. So 2 common fields:

- Color/style
- Title

The other field will be "Dishes" (or whatever you call your products on the menu). Each dish can have it's own fields of course (using "Repeatable" field type). Think of:

- Title/name
- Price
- Discount maybe, if there's a weekly offer price for it
- Description - to let the visitors know what the dish is
- Ingredients - what ingredients it has
- Vegetarian yes/no (boolean field type) - for the veggy under us

And lots of others.

This is perfectly possible with Block Designer + Block Designer Pro. Up to you how you write your HTML/CSS of course. The other available field types are readable on the marketplace pages if you'd want to have other fields. Can't really specifically see what you'd need for your menu items, but I'm assuming you have everything at your disposal.

Let me know if anything is still unclear.

Kind regards,


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