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I would like to crop the images in the controller. But the getThumbnail Method doesn't seem to work. Do you have any ideas how to get this done?

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, I do have some ideas. I'm currently building this for you. So when I'm done, I will update the add-on. Then you can create another block with images and crop to your desired dimensions. So you can fill in height, width and crop true/false. Sounds good? :)
paradummy replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow that sound great! Many thanks in advance.
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm giving you the option to make a thumbnail. If chosen yes (checkbox), you will get a input field with the wanted width and height of the image. Besides that, you can crop the image (yes/no with checkbox) and enter class name(s) for the image (i.e. "img-responsive img-rounded"). You have any more feature requests for this specific field?

In the meanwhile, could you send me an email perhaps, so I can send you the updated field type by mail? I won't make a new version of block designer yet, for such an update. So I could send you the updated field type by email instead of here (it's public here, so everyone can view your mail and spam and download the field type).
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
I've got it done, so whenever I received your email, I will send it to you.

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