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Created Blocks share the bt<name> scheme for table names.

It would be useful to allow some sort of configurable prefix (with a default of your choice?) that would seperate Block Designer tables from the built in stuff.

E.g. bt<prefix><name>

In the past I added a custom prefix to each of my blocks names but since I move them to my own package this adds unnecessary stuff in lots of places. I am aware that the table name only occurs in two places... and thanks to not installing the block immediately after creation it's no big deal to change this manually.

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
So you would want a new field where you can enter this prefix? Or you want to have a setting in a config file and it automatically adds this?

Why do you prefix if I may ask? I know designer content for 5.6 did something like bt<dc>tablename. But I'm not seeing how this can be usefull.

Best option would be to have it as an extra field in the tabs I guess? This way others can recreate the same block with the config of the config.json file instead of editing a config file within your block designer install or some concrete5 setting.
j3ns replied on at Permalink Reply
I am not really sure what would happen if some day a concrete5 update choses to name a build in block exactly the same as already exists.

It could be really useful to identify all additional blocks and tables while developing custom packages when you have to repeatedly test install / uninstall / update scripts.

An extra field in the tabs would be perfect and would allow for easy editing blocks afterwards without breaking things.
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Will be available as of 1.0.0!

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