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Hello Ramon,

I'm trying to make a block where there is an option to select an image of a video file, next to some other options.
The point is that then a try to search the file manager with the Image field box, the directory with the video's (mp4), they are not visible so not selectable.
While the video files are in the File manager and file extensions are accepted for mp4.
Any workaround options?

Best regards,
Vincent Koning

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Vincent,

The thing with the "Image" field type, is that you have to select an image. A MP4 file isn't an image though. You'd have to select a "File" field type instead. I just tried with version 9.1.x of ConcreteCMS and with the File field type it works. With the image field type, it indeed does not work since it is not an image. I am assuming the same goes for version 8.x of ConcreteCMS. Does that help? It would mean you need to choose a different field type instead.

Kind regards
vincedelaking replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ramon,

But off course, have used it as a PDF link block, but shows the path to the video file so with some work will show the video as well.
Thanks for pointing me out.

Kind regards,

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