Version History

1.0.0 - First Public Release
1.0.1 - Properly handling of the case where the eCommerce package is not installed.
1.0.2 - Add support for product choices.
1.1.0 - Add support for blocked date ranges and year restrictions.
1.1.1 - Use improved method of zero-prefixing month/day.
1.1.2 - Add random number to date picker id for situation where block dates are used  with the Product List block and a shared product attribute
1.1.3 - Add support for DATE_APP_DATE_PICKER format
1.2.0 - Add support for optional calendar icon and next day delivery cutoff; plus various improvements and fixes
1.2.1 - Make calendar icon clickable.
1.3.0 - Add additional javascript and server side checking to prevent users from entered blocked dates.
1.3.1 - Bug Fixes
1.3.2 - Bug Fix: finding next valid date didn't handle cutoff dates properly.