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Concrete5 Danmark - Who we are!

We strive to make concrete5 CMS the most used CMS in Denmark. We have created a user forum for Danes where anyone can discuss concrete5 CMS in Danish (the forum is closed at the moment, due to the fact that we converted our site to 5.7 and still need to make our forum work again). We are now on concrete5 8.0, and we still have not made our forum work. But it's a priority. 

We translate the concrete5 CMS to Danish, and we can also translate add-on packages on request. If you need a partner for your web project, but have difficulty expressing your challenges in English, then www.concrete5.dk is definitely for you.

Please write reviews for our packages - It helps a lot that other people know what you think.


C5DK Multilingual Content Block

C5DK Multilingual Content Block - is a little different than the standard content block. It allows you to insert content in different languages on individual pages.

It is not a replacement for the large Concrete5 Multilingual package that is designed to manage languages ​​on your entire website. But to make it possible to insert text in different languages on individual pages.

This package consists of two blocks:


C5DK Multilingual Content:

This is the main block. By adding it, you can create content in different languages. This content can then be switched to different languages by flag icons that are automatically added when you create a language section in the block.

Note: We have included several "Custom Templates" for you to change the layout of the block. Including the abillity to remove the flags for the single content block. We urge you to try out the templates, because they will surtently give you much more flexibility designing your webpage!

C5DK Multilingual Content Menu:

This is a flag menu. This block can be used if you have multiple instances of C5DK Multilingual Content. When you use this block, you can change the language of all instances of C5DK Multilingual Content block at the same time.

NEW Version 1.0.3:

1. We now use cookies for the language chosen. When a language is chosen it will follow all pages site wide.

2. We have added a language selector settings page in the dashboard. You can here choose the languages you want the block to show when adding the block to a page.

This package is now free...

Because of the release of C5DK Multilingual Content for concrete5 5.7. We have desided to release this package for concrete5 5.6.x to be a free add-on.

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