Which cache files are generated?
The add-on will request and process pages as if it were a normal site visitor. All cache files that normally will be generated, will be generated for the targeted pages.

Which cache settings should be enabled?
Only pages with Full Page Cache (FPC) enabled will be processed. If you have FPC disabled on all pages, the add-on won't generate any cache files. There are three scenarios to make Cache Warmer do its thing:

  1. FPC turned off, but enabled for 1 or more pages.
  2. FPC turned on if blocks allow it.
  3. FPC turned on in all cases.

Could Cache Warmer harm my website?
No, it only generates cache files. Files that would normally be created too if you manually go to a page. However, Cache Warmer sends several requests to process all pages. This could potentially affect response times of your server.

Does it support CLI?
Version 2.0.0 introduces a CLI mode with progress bar. It's available for concrete5 8.3.1 and higher.

What's the roadmap?
I'm thinking of a setting to create a short delay between requests. It'd be handy for larger websites to set a delay between requests to prevent that a server becomes slow. If you have ideas to improve the add-on, please let me know!