Version History

1.4.10 - Added support for accented characters in status names.

1.4.9 - Added option to show/hide the overlapping dates.

1.4.8 - Fixed special character problem on db.xml.

1.4.7 - Fixed bug on the latest Chrome.

1.4.6 - Changed default text on Previous and Next button to avoid database collation conflict.

1.4.5 - Added support for datepicker translation.

1.4.4 - Added support for date none US date formats on the dashboard manager.

1.4.3 - Bug fix for IE 8 and below.

1.4.2 - Improved support on iCal feeds without UID.

1.4.1 - Sorted date list in ascending order for usability improvements.

- Bug fix for date set name update which does not reflect after save.

1.4 - Added support for iCal feed generation.

1.3 - Added support for iCal feed integration.

1.2 - Status and Date list are not required anymore as long as the Calendar Set is specified.

1.1 - Added more option for Repeat Date field.

1.0 - Aligned months to center for better display.