Documentation & Easy Tutorials


I fully maintain and support this package and will provide you with all the help I can as part of the license you purchased.

I CANNOT, however, offer help and support for CKeditor plugins that have issues or bugs. For those, you will have to ask the plugin's developer directly.

Although CKeditor Plugin Installer (or Pluginator as I like to call it) is built to make things as easy as possible, you still have to learn to use it.

I made a series of video tutorials for you to watch that will take you from beginner to expert in no time.

  1. Learn the basics by installing AutoLink
    Watch the video →
    Get Auto Link
  2. Learn more advanced features by installing AutoEmbed
    Watch the video →
    Get Auto Embed
  3. Learn to deal with the most common installation error
    Watch the video →
  4. Find out about all the useful helpers designed to make your life easy
    Watch the video →
  5. Learn how to recover from a broken installation
    Watch the video →
  6. Discover 4 more awesome plugins you can install to easily enhance your editor
    Watch the video →
    Get Simple HTML5 Audio
    Get Layout Manager
    Get Chart
    Get Text Transform
  7. Learn why some plugins will just never work
    Watch the video →
  8. Install Bootstrap Tabs and learn how to load extra JS and CSS assets when a plugin requires it
    Watch the video →
    Get Bootstrap Tabs →


Due to the way this package works, CKeditor plugins it installs will not appear in Concrete5's normal dashboard page for CKeditor plugins

This is nothing to be concerned about and you can fully manage them from the package's own dashboard page.