The addon uses ecommerce's discount mechanism and in effect is a negative discount, i.e. a surcharge.

Use the ecommerce discount page in the dashboard to add one or more card_surcharge discounts, one for each payment type you wish to charge for.

Do NOT enter a coupon code. Date ranges may be left blank.

The addon has to copy its files into the ecommerce folder in order for ecommerce to read them. It does not overwrite ot alter ecommerce in any way.

It's possible that file/folder permissions on your site may stop this happening. If so, a warning is shown, and it may be necessary to adjust file permissions on the packages/core_commerce/models/discount/types folder to allow a subsequent installation attempt to succeed.

The addon requires version 2.8 or later of ecommerce. Note that there is a bug in ecommerce 2.8.10 that breaks all discount types. A work around is to downgrade to 2.8.9, or modify packages/core_commerce/models/discount/model.php and fix the withinTimeFrame() method like this


public function withinTimeFrame() {
$today = new DateTime();
$start = is_null($this->getDiscountStart()) ? $today : new DateTime($this->getDiscountStart());
$end = is_null($this->getDiscountEnd()) ? $today : new DateTime($this->getDiscountEnd());
return $today >= $start && $today <= $end; }