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Is the buttontext required? It seems to show up as buttontext when the field is blank

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jero replied on at Permalink Reply
The button is a styled anchor <a> tag which gets assigned a css class of cycle-link-hidden which sets the display to none. This hides the button from view if either there is no link or no button text.

Most probably you have some other css rules that are taking priority over the rule set in view.css.

The actual html output would be:

<a class="btn btn-default cycle-link-hidden" href="http://www.foo.com">buttontext</a>

so it follows that you must have a definition of btn or btn-default which sets display:block or display:inline overriding the cycle-link-hidden display:none.

I have added !important to cycle-link-hidden which may fix the issue. Please update to version 1.0.0

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