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DeepIt Slider

The DeepIt plug-in has a lot of features of a regular slider. Some of them are auto play, stop on hover, show/hide navigation, bullets list or thumbnails for a navigation, captions with html content. But the main cause for creation of the addons was to give websites' users amazing live-background experience. Use as many layers as you want.

  • Resizing capabilities (Whatever the size of your image, the plugin can reduce the size of each image)
  • 4 captions position (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Use any image attribute as caption
  • Image description attribute will converted with Textile Markup
  • Bullet and thumbnails are dynamically positioned on the center of the screen
  • The addon support differents ratio of picture (not only images of the same size)
  • Pretty cool CSS3 easy to adapt.
  • Any Animated backgrounds you want
  • Auto playPause on hover
  • Bullets list or thumbnails navigation
  • Prev/Next arrowsHide arrows on mouse out
  • Autoloop capabilities if bullets are displayed.
  • And more !

The depth effect is created by superimposing images with transparency (PNG 24 bits). In the plugin, these images are called 'layers' and you can add as many as you want, manage their speed and their direction of movement (right to left or left to right).

To create images'seamless' in photoshop, you can visit this site designshack.co.uk

Have fun!

To see the slider that's here !


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