Version History


  • Fix issue deleting posts when the totalPosts count is wrong


  • Fix error MySQL error on installation in certain situations.
  • Adjust MOBILE_THEME_IS_ACTIVE to properly detect.



  • Fix threading issue where parent cID was not being passed from post form.
  • Topic tags are no longer deleted upon first reply.
  • Client side validation support for posting


  • Fix 5.6 issue with not displaying posts under another page
  • Fix minor issues with tags and loose matching.


  • Fixed failing uninstalls with c5.5->c5.5.3.
  • Add 5.6 support (adding post problem, failing discussion moderation)
  • Fixed post to page promotion


  • Fixes for concrete 5.6.0a1
  • Fixed start discussion post form when discussions are set to post-in-page.


  • Removed js debuging code that was causing IE to crash.


  • Added mutable date formats
  • fixed sorting of discussion posts (post list block) by various criteria


  • Added optional integration with multilingual package that flags posts with languages if they were not posted in default locale (beta feature)
  • Modified user_badges block to show more accurate profile information according to Johnthefish's suggestion
  • Fixed Post form issues
  • Added threaded vs flat to session


  • added ability to define number of posts per page to user posts block + reformatted for 5.5
  • fixed js errors in discussion guestbook block that were causing 5.5+ to lose edit bar
  • fixed js errors when clicking monitory un-monitor links on threads


  • Updated Dashboard UI for concrete5.5


  • Users that are monitoring discussions will not get monitor emails if they no longer have rights to view those discussions


  • Discussion guestbook block now allows anonymous posting, moderation and captcha to be set at the block level or inherit global settings.

  • Pre-populate discussion reply with RE: [post name]


  • Changed discussion tracking to not string mulitple "to" addresses in one email with the Loader::helper in concrete5.4.2


  • Fixed bug in the discussion post block's db.xml file.


  •  Added tags to discussion posts
  • Added tag filtering options to discussion post list block
  • Added ability to post to a particular forum from a post list block

1.6.2 (not released)

  • Fixed bug where users were recieving e-mails of replies in moderated discussions.


  • Adding the Dutch translation.


  • Fixed bug where manage badges wouldn't for certain badge names


  • Adding French translation


  • fixed error where users_online block would always display today as the most users ever online
  • Fixed bug where discussion post list block didn't return any messages


  • Fixed errors in User Posts and User Badges blocks that would throw php errors when added to pages outside of the profile section.
  • prepopulated reply subjects with: re: [post subject]
  • Restored post & reply buttons linking to login/register page when anon posting is disabled and user is not logged in.
  • Changed discussion tracking so tracking is allways tied to the top level post as apposed to the post/reply that was immediately above the current post


  • More localization fixes
  • If profiles aren't on, then user profile links won't appear in the mail templates.
  • Fixed bug where monitored discussion guestbooks would sometimes not contain the correct URLs.
  • Better anchor links to discussions from monitor mailings
  • Fixed issue with discussion post counts sometimes not incrementing properly.
  • Fixed issue where monitored discussions, when they were promoted into pages, didn't maintain their monitoring correctly.
  • The discussion add-on is now available in German. Simply specify your LOCALE as de_DE in config/site.php. (NOTE: Requires concrete 5.4 or greater.)


  • More localization fixes.


  • Localization fixes


  • Fixed bug that caused reply & post count errors when moderated posts were deleted
  • stripped javascript: from bbcode output


  • Fixed bug that caused errors when editing page defaults for Discussion and Discussion Post page types.


  • Added an option for anonymous posting in forums, which can require a captcha.
  • Added moderation option which can be turned on for forums, and overridden at the forum level. 


  • Added discussion post block.


  • Fixed a JavaScript bug that made posting in Internet Explorer difficult.


  • Fixed ordering bug in topic list when dealing with pinned messages.
  • Fixed error adding discussion topics block and choosing "under this page."


  • Bug fix: if you edit a message, close that, and reply to a message, you instead get the edited message's text, and if you submit, you update the old message instead.
  • Bug fix: if you have your site setup to use the in-page posting form, edits were still taking place in the overlay.
  • Bug fix: Attachments weren't showing up in threaded view.
  • Bug Fix: Cannot switch display mode from threaded to flat
  • Bug Fix: Cannot edit defaults in discussion post page type


  • Initial Version