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eCommerce - eWay Payments


This add-on doesn't seem to work, and we're not getting much of any response from the developer. We're leaving it up for the time being in case you've already bought it. Any refund requests will be immediately granted. 



I no longer have the time nor need to maintain this plugin;  I have released the code on github for anyone who can benefit from it:








This eCommerce add-on provides a payment method for processing eCommerce payments using eWay® online merchant facilities.  The following features are supported:

  • Live / Test transaction modes
  • All "Hosted" Payment methods:
    • Real Time
    • Real Time CVN
    • Geo-IP Anti-Fraud
  • All "Shared" Payment methods (as of version 0.5):
    • Real Time
    • Real Time CVN

"Hosted" payment methods are entirely self-hosted on your Concrete5 eCommerce site, with the payment method handling collecting of credit card details (I encourage anyone using this to use SSL and their own certificate).  The "Shared" payment methods are hosted on the eWay server.  Please visit the eWay website for more information on these methods.


  • This addon requires the eCommerce addon. Please make sure you have the latest version installed.
  • This addon also requires an online merchant facility with eWay®


Sales have ended due to EOL

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