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eCommerce Gift Cards


Due to high demand for this feature, it is now possible (as of version 1.2) to also import your own codes into the gift cards system, so you're no longer limited to the auto-generated codes. Please be sure to create secure enough codes!


This package allows you to create secured Gift Cards or Voucher Coupons to your eCommerce site. The Gift Card option will be added to your eCommerce site as a payment option and you can easily handle the gift card generation or purchasing from the eCommerce dashboard.

The gift card process has three steps:

  1. Generate the gift cards
  2. Deliver the codes with the passwords (see delivery below)
    • You can also deliver the codes automatically if you allow your customers to buy the gift cards from you shop
  3. Wait for your customers to use the gift cards

There are few options how you can manage the gift cards:

  • Generate a bunch of codes from the dashboard, activate them and deliver them to your customers
    • Multiple delivery methods available, e.g. deliver the whole list as a CSV attachment to your mail
  • Generate the codes and sell them straight from your store

You can either allow your users to use the gift card multiple times (if they make purhcases under the gift card value) or restrict them to only one usage of each card. Also, you can specify whether the gift cards provide a fixed amount value off the order or a percentage off the order e.g. for employee discount.

Gift Card Delivery

Currently there are few options how you can deliver the Gift Cards:

  • The whole list of gift card codes + verification codes as CSV attachment to your mail
  • The whole list as plain text email
  • Straight delivery to your customers if you allow them to buy the gift cards from your shop

The delivery method architecture is also extremely extendable, so you can either write your own delivery method pretty easily or ask us to do so. If you suggest a new delivery method that we feel would be usable, we will also implement it to the package. The easy extension architecture allows you also to easily integrate this add-on to third party printing/mailing services.

Feeling insecure setting up the package?

Don't worry, you don't have to. The documentation page explains the most common cases you need to worry about.

And also remember that we are fully in your service if you're facing difficulties. Just drop us a message at the support or forum section of this package.

Technical Information and Security

Each gift card is verified by the combination of unique random string (Gift Card Code) of 8 letters and a 4-number verification password (Verification Code) for really hard hacking of the codes. The number of string characters used in the gift card codes is 32 so this gives you opportunity to create 32^8 = about 1.1 trillion unique gift card codes for your site.

The gift card code system is also extremely secured. Once the gift cards are delivered, also the gift card passwords are deleted from your database. This means that if anyone hacks your database, they cannot use the gift cards in your store. The gift cards are identified by a hash generated with the gift card code, password and server-side salt.

The gift cards are also validated with another hash that is generated e.g. with the original value of the coupon. If the original value does not match the one that was entered when creating the card, the whole card will not be valid. The verification hash is also changed when the gift card has been used which guarantees that no one can use the same card twice once it does not have any value left.


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