The Flipping Book add-on adds a new Block that allows the user to upload any PDF file so that it can be viewed as a Flipbook within the block. This block is highly customizable. To access the options of the block simply place the block as you would any other Concrete5 block and  press “Edit Block”.


PDF Tab:
  • PDF - select the PDF you want to flip!
  • Open on page - allows the user to choose what page to start the PDF with.
  • Page Mode - allows the user to choose between a single page view or a double page view.
View Tab:
  • Height - allows the user to change the height in vh, px or %
  • Direction - choose if you want the pages to turn from left to right or right to left.
  • Background Color - gives the user the ability to choose any color as the background color, this is white by default
  • Background Image - allows the user to upload an image to use as a background image.
  • Additional Class - for advanced users you can give the block an additional class so you can customize it further.
  • Position - choose the position of the Toolbar between top or botoom, also has the option to completely hide the toolbar.
  • Padding - allows the user to define the padding of the toolbar in px in the order: top, right, bottom, left.
  • Buttons - allows the user to toggle which buttons are shown on the toolbar.
    Current list of buttons are:
    • “Go to first page”
    • “Previous page”
    • “Page X of Y”
    • “Next Page”
    • “Go to last page”
    • “Auto play”
    • “Toggle pages”
    • “Zoom in”
    • “Zoom out”
    • “Toggle fullscreen”
    • “Share”
    • “Download PDF”
    • “Toggle Sound”
  • Play sound - is a toggle whether or not you want there to be sound with each page turn.