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I'm trying to enclose your block in a <DIV> so I can float it in my client's site header.

I copied view.php to 'blocks/font_scaler/templates/add_DIV/' and wrap the block with a DIV. That seems to disable the block entirely.

Even if I just have the presence of that folder (without copying view.php) the block is disabled.

Must I copy something along with view.php for this to work properly? I thought it would pull the .js and other resources it needs from your original packages folder.

Sherm Stevens

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LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Reply
Good question, you shouldn't have to create a template to enclose this in a div, but I'll take a look at what you're saying as the block shouldn't get disabled.

By any chance, did you try enclosing divs around the "area" for this block in your template?
invision replied on at Permalink Reply
Enclosing the "area" around the block in the template is too limiting. I need the ability to place the block anywhere on any page and float it.

I've added a templates folder within the block folder for now, and it's working as I need it.

It couldn't hurt to think about wrapping the block in a <div> in future releases -- otherwise the code it places on the page is just three <a> tags...

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