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I've purchased your font scaler for a client and they are requesting to have a limit on the amount of clicks one can make to enlarge and reduce the font. I'd agree. Unlimited enlarging and reducing of the font can cause a lot of problems for that individual on their browser. For example, I infinitely enlarged the font and I couldn't get it to refresh to the original size because the fonts covered the font scaling buttons! Do you have any coding suggestions to limit the clicks to 2 or 3 times larger and 2 or 3 times smaller? I'd be willing to pay for your time if this is a lot of php work.

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LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Reply
I'll take a look at your request and see what we can do. I'm not sure how much work this would take, but it seems like a reasonable request. Although I'm not sure you would have a majority of users clicking to enlarge past the point where they needed to.

Also, I don't think it's mentioned anywhere, but there are specific CSS classes added to each button, so for now you could make the z-index on those buttons higher than the text content which should keep the buttons above them.
sschildbach replied on at Permalink Reply
The z-index setting and clients not going past their needed setting makes sense to me. But, since this is a site about Alzheimer's, and older non-computer savvy people will be using the site, my client is concerned that they could click on the buttons and get confused how to get it back to neutral if they go too far in one direction (for font size). I was even thinking it could be 3 buttons each with a fixed font size? I'd be happy with that if that is easier for you to code. (Left Button=normal, middle button=big, right button=very big, I wouldn't need smaller) See if you have the time and I can pay you for your time if this turns out to be a time consuming custom tweak. Thanks!

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