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Hey there! Just to wanted to let you know we've just reduced all our 5.6 themes and add-ons. For the most part you can buy themes for only $25 and add-ons for only $15. In all cases you can get a 5 pack for the price of 3!

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- 25 May 2016

Formigo Communicate

Communicate, from Formigo, is a feature-rich email communication suite for your Concrete5 website. Communicate includes full 'open', 'click' and 'unsubscribe' reporting.


  • Email single or multiple Concrete5 groups, without sending duplicate emails.
  • Email from any user in 'Administrator' group of your website.
  • Send and 'save as draft' facility.
  • Add your own '[unsubscribe]' token anywhere, or have it added automatically at the foot of your email.
  • Uses Google Charts API to provide highly attractive and informative chart presentations of your open, click, and unsubscribe data.
  • Import users to your site, assign them to groups and automatically tag them as 'subscribed'.
  • Import facility provides a log of those records that did not meet the import requirements.

Important -Please note

Email marketing is a delicate area, you can't just send to anyone with this add-on. Recipients need to be registered users, who are in a  'Group' on your website. You can import your users of course, or add them manually.

This is not intended to be a buik email appiication. Misusing this add-on could get your server's IP address blacklisted.

Currently you cannot subscribe existing users automatically.

Communciate sends emails sequentially, using Concrete5's built in Mail helper.

There is no logging of sent mail, other than via Concrete5's built in logging.

Maintaining a white-listed server (for email) is a bit complex.  Not all hosts are equal here.  If you want reliable email delivery make sure your host is up to it or, opt to send via a specialist email service such as SendGrid.

There is more information on Formigo Communicate included in the documentation here.



Sales have ended due to EOL

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