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Gravatar Add-on


This package adds simple gravatar support to your concrete5 installation. There is no configuration and no extra options for you to set. Basically, if your user has set (uploaded) an avatar, then that will be used, just like normal. If not, then gravatar will be used, but will be given your "no avatar" URL as the default. This add-on will work with all current and future add-ons that you download, not just the concrete core.


What, exactly, is the difference?

Right now, the following happens each time a user's avatar is displayed (profile pages, message boards, other add-ons, etc):

  1. Use uploaded avatar
  2. If not available, show default site avatar (e.g. the yellow-green guy on this site)

After installing the gravatar add-on, the following happens:

  1. Use uploaded avatar
  2. If not available, use gravatar avatar based on the user's email address
  3. If not available, show default site avatar

 How it works / Installation

  1. When you install this package, a new avatar helper is installed into your local helpers directory (not the c5 core directory where the original avatar helper is installed). If there are any problems with installation, a notification and manual solution is posted at Dashboard / System / Notifications -- if installation doesn't seem to work, then check this page!
  2. The helper intercepts any avatar image request. If a user avatar is not found, it sets the image tag up to point to gravatar, with a default pointing back to your site.

After Installation

To check that it's working, check the profile (or other place where a user's avatar is displayed) for a user who hasn't uploaded a custom avatar. If the user has set up a gravatar account, than this image should be displayed. If not, you can right-click the "default avatar" (typically an invisible white square where the avatar should be) and choose "Copy Image URL". Paste the text somewhere and the URL should look like http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/....

You should also add a note to your user registration page to tell your users that your site will now use their gravatars.

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