Quotes in Insta post description break the HTML layout.

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To reproduce add upper quotes " to the description of an Insta post, which will result in breaking the HTML layout, where they are placed in the image title without html encoding.

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staublicht replied on at Permalink Reply
I fixed it in my project by escaping html special characters for the image caption in the title text, in the JS for the Fancybox.

This is where the string that can break the layout is created, and how I fixed it. Could maybe be done better with Jquery:

Added this function:
function escapeHtml(text) {
  var map = {
    '&': '&',
    '<': '<',
    '>': '>',
    '"': '"',
    "'": '''

used it here:
i.caption ? (l = escapeHtml(i.caption),

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