Version History


  • Fixed an issue where   would be changed to @nbsp;


  • Fixed an issue where VueJS and other JS framework's attributes were being removed as not proper HTML attributes
  • Added some caching verification to avoid processing the page if the processed version is already cached


  • Fixed a minification problem that would remove styles from elements' style property
  • Fixed a JS error stopping everything when working with an array of DOM elements

1.1.2 - Changed the CSS minifier to CssMin because it was breaking calc() functions

1.1.1 - Added a fallback for IE<11 for Mutation Observer introduced in v1.1.0

1.1.0 - Modified the script to also lazy load images added to the page dynamically like Magnific Popup does for instance

1.0.9 - Added an option to disable optimizations for legacy browsers


  • Modified HTML minification to respect textarea, pre, and code elements
  • Modified CSS to respect elements' visibility


  • Fixed a nasty bug that was breaking JS scripts containing any HTML closing tag
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to turn off core Google Maps optimization
  • Modified the core Google Maps regex pattern to accept any element not only DIV
  • Added a check in JS for whether we're dealing with a node or nodeList
  • Fixed a bug when there would be only inline or remote scripts on a page instead of both
  • Fixed an issue where elements were added to the page with the same ID attribute
  • Updated scripts and third-party libraries to the latest version

1.0.6 - Now removes placeholder background color added instead of canceling it with extra CSS. Helps with not clashing with existing background styles.

1.0.5 - Removed a file that was not needed and was sometimes breaking the install

1.0.4 - Added callback parameters to the JS functions added in the previous version

1.0.3 - Added helper JS function to trigger lazy loading on elements through code

1.0.2 - Modified the jquery regex in the blacklist to not target other scripts with jquery in the name (was breaking CKEditor)

1.0.1 - Added an option to disable the hidden in-page credit fingerprint

1.0.0 - Admitted in the marketplace