WARNING: concrete5 5.6 and earlier are end-of-life. Sales from the marketplace have now ended. Click here to learn more about this transition.

Not 5.7 compatible.

Invite Users

Invite users creates an invite only user registration system. Visitors can submit to a waiting list, or you can quickly invite people using their email. All users are allowed to invite other users in this manner. When a user is invited, he is emailed a password which allows him to access the register page. You can re-run this password generation via a job. It is suggested to install Nontab, so that you can automate running this job and increase security in not letting unwanted users register.


  • Easy system to request invite
  • Gravatar is used for users in pending list
  • Easily approve new members
  • Secured data

Note: the encryption process requires the php mcrypt extension. Without this the password to register will not be secure, however it is not required for the addon to work.


Sales have ended due to EOL

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