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Magic Toggle (c5.6)

Check out Tab, Toggle and AJAX for a great bundle deal.

Toggled content - some visible, some hidden, and they swap.


Use Magic Toggle blocks to break an area into toggled groups of blocks. One group visible within a set:

  • Any block or combination of blocks within a toggle;
  • Toggle on cursor movement.
  • Toggle on click.
  • Toggle by remote control from anywhere on the page.
  • Multiple toggle sets within a page.
  • Multiple toggle sets within an area.
  • AJAX load toggled content using Blocks by AJAX.
  • Different templates and behaviours for each toggle set.
  • Mix toggle sets in between other blocks.
  • Toggle within stacks and global areas.
  • 7 different toggle templates and behaviours included.
  • Easily add your own toggle templates.
  • More than 2 groups in a set? Magic Toggle can page through them.

Get started with Magic Toggle simply by adding Magic Toggle blocks with the default options. Create more advanced toggling behaviour with block options, templates and the included Remote Control block. See the comprehensive documentation.

Some ideas:

  • Toggle between small scale and large scale maps.
  • Toggle between thumbnails and larger pictures with content.
  • Toggle between summaries and details.
  • Break massive areas of content up into paged sections within an area.


Magic toggle provides a simple JavaScript/jQuery interface enabling developers to add new toggling behaviours. You could even develop from Magic Toggle to create tabs! (But in that case its much easier to use Magic Tabs).

See more addons by JohntheFish


Sales have ended due to EOL

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